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Second season of THUNDERgro™ treated Wormwood harvest looming..

It was relatively strange in Michigan weather wise this year, though quite a bit of rain and the Wormwood really jumped. We put in a small number of new starts and witnessed the previous season’s starts go into bloom. Quite lovely! Harvest Schedule is set for late September.

Update on Wormwood Production

The second season of production started off the cultivation schedule with some plantings of new starts in April. To use the words of our Dad ‘Big Steve’, “The plants are jumping” “IN this economy it is time for farming. Everyone can have a job…. It’s time for America to get moving!!” In the beginning of […]

Toxins In Absinthe Makes Neurons Run Wild

In the late 20th century, espressos and caffe lattes became available on every urban street corner. In late 19th-century Paris, absinthe was the favored drink of artists and writers. Some say addiction to the emerald-green liqueur drove Vincent Van Gogh to take his own life. Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Pablo Picasso all painted […]

Some information about Wormwood and “Mugwort”

Latin: Artemisia absinthium Common Names: Absinthe, Old Man, Ajenjo, Artemisia, Green Ginger, Sweet Annie, and Old Woman’s Weed Planet: Mars Element: Fire Associated Deities: Artemis Wormwood is a close relative of mugwort, coming from the same botanical family. It grows wild in many parts of the USA, and can keep insects out of a garden. […]