What is this “ORMUS” you say!?

A good question.

A question with a bunch of mysterious answers, a bunch of pragmatic cynics, and even more testimonials about the effects and affects of bringing ORMUS into their lives.

To begin, it is necessary to understand the notion that much of what is going on in reality is happening somewhere that we are unable to readily perceive. This notion has driven the creative minds to research the subtle planes of our reality using any and every available means deemed useful, in an attempt to find and harness greater and greater understanding and in some cases control over our environments and circumstances of which we seemingly have little or no control.

The practice of Ancient Alchemy that consists of taking base metal such as lead, and using the elements of fire air earth and water in various forms to transmute the lead into gold.

If one were to engage with making a similar process, and starting with PURE GOLD as the base metal, the results of the transmutation process would yield a white powdery substance that is known as ORMUS.

There are many ways to go about this process, a thorough study is underway by a researcher named Barry Carter, an absolutely fascinating experience awaits any who visit this man’s site, subtleenergies.com

The question arises, What does this have to do with Agriculture and our Company?

We are working with formulations which are completely mineral based, sourced directly from the earth, which seem to revitalize and enrich soils with “molecular-level” electricity and monatomic trace elements, OVER AND ABOVE what can be empirically, scientifically measured or proven, this is a phenomenon that also describes the effects and affects of ORMUS.

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